When you're sipping a Coors Light the size of your hand, you don't have to be a man's man. You just have to be human.



Don thought he had to be a Man’s Man to enjoy an eight ounce can of Coors Light.

So he manned up to a manly man’s man-challenge and invested his life savings on a man cave.

But Don didn’t get to crack hilarious man-isms while manhandling his Coors Light in his calloused, grease-stained man hands.

Nor did he get to chug it through his burly beard as bodacious blondes emerge from the depths of the man cave to stroke his hairy beer belly.

Not because Don is a quote man unquote.

But because Don bought a literal cave. And caves make Don feel claustrophobic.

It’s okay, Don. You’re drinking an eight ounce can of Coors Light. With less beer, you can be less of a beer cliché.

Have a little Coors Light.