I stared at pictures of burritos and wrote about how they made me feel. Which was mostly hungry. 


To combat a slough of, ahem, adverse news surrounding Chipotle’s restaurants, we refocused our campaign on Chipotle’s real ingredients and made some pretty sick broadcast spots. This short and sweet spot aired during the ‘18 NBA Playoffs.



chipotle billboard.png


I concepted and wrote this video to specifically lean into the functionality of IG Stories. The viewer can tap and hold their finger on the video to answer their question, allowing for higher completion rates and repeated views. Plus, who doesn’t want a burrito to answer all their hard-hitting questions?

To drive viewer engagement and completion rates, we created this Snapchat Promoted Story under the guise of a personality quiz. Tapping on each ingredient doesn’t exactly lock in their order, but it does cue the next frame. Social trickery, y’all.

When Snapchat unveiled Promoted Stories ads, we were one of the first brands to successfully create interactive branded content in the style of those typically found on the Discover page. Above, I concepted and wrote this Promoted Story, allowing users tap through each frame to hand-mash Chipotle’s fresh guac.





With an asset library consisting of around 15 images and zero budget, we created over 200 paid social ads. So how do you spice up a locked art direction with minimal imagery? With headlines. So many headlines. Check out a few below.



Agency: Venables Bell & Partners

Creative Director: Tom Sharpf

Production Generalist: Alexis Hazelwood

Art Directors: Paul Rice ; Ariel Gagnon

Producer: Kimberly Lewis